Our expert scaffolders have been providing
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for more than 30 years

Quality Mangement

Quality control is monitored throughout the Topps organisation, not only to satisfy ourselves but also to help improve upon the client’s needs.

To improve our operational performance, we work to a Quality Management System, undertaking performance monitoring, carrying out customer satisfaction surveys and organising a detailed customer complaint procedure.

The client is our main source of income and we will strive to provide the service you want, in the way in which you want it.

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Topp Scaffolding Yard in ChathamEveryone should take some responsibility towards the environment and here at Topps we take this statement seriously. We have our own environmental policy and aim to meet and exceed all relevant legislation and recommendations. We ensure that our vehicles and equipment are well maintained, clean and are always operated within the legal limits. Our fleet of lorries have either been updated or modified to meet the low emission zone and we will continue to take advantage of any other engineering modifications that reduce pollution, where ever possible.

Every little counts and it is the simple things that we have adopted, such as surveyors making more use of Google Earth to reduce the carbon footprint, using old or notched boards for sole boards and giving used debris netting to allotments.

It is imperative that Topps reduce waste and energy use, not only for our own ethical point of view but to meet legal obligations and win greater customer trust.

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